Release date for underwater platformer Lumione revealed in new trailer

Release date for underwater platformer Lumione revealed in new trailer

Earlier this year, developer Glimmer Studio posted the first trailer for Lumione, a platforming adventure that takes place entirely underwater. Some may have seen this game as somewhat derivative, especially with its visuals that immediately bring to mind titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, but its polished gameplay and style still caught the attention of at least a few dedicated platforming fans. Some may wonder about the game’s release date, and thankfully, a recently released trailer for Lumione reveals just that. According to the trailer, Lumione will come to Steam on October 13.

The trailer shows exactly the kind of precision platforming that fans of the genre have grown to love over the years. Although most will compare Lumione to Ori and the Blind Forest at first glance, the gameplay bears more similarities to titles like Celeste. The overall rhythm and shape of the levels shown resemble those of Celeste’s perilous gauntlets. Even specific mechanics from that game, such as the starry blocks that the protagonist can dash through, make an appearance here. Some players will likely feel that these gameplay elements confirm their suspicions about Lumione‘s seemingly common nature, but hopefully, the full game will include enough mechanics of its own to stand out.


What is Lumione about?

According to the Steam pageLumione stars a “beloved deep-sea fairy, Glimmer,” that aims to “escape from darkness and follow the path of the Light.” As he follows this Light, Glimmer will “learn about the world and [his] place within it” and overcome “trials of wisdom and courage.”

At the very least, the fast-approaching release date of Lumione will allow players to see whether or not the game truly has an identity of its own. But for those who are not comfortable with purchasing the full game as of right now, a free demo is available for them to try on Steam.

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