Relics of the Past update sees Subnautica: Below Zero close to completion

Relics of the Past update sees Subnautica: Below Zero close to completion

Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s Subnautica: Below Zero may still be in Early Access, but the latest update continues to lay the foundations for a full-fledged release. Following the Frostbite update back in May, players can now expect to see even more with the game’s latest update. Relics of the Past will help bring the story to its most complete state yet. This comes in the form of full voice acting, more extraterrestrial mysteries, new world details, a brand new look for the main character, and a new Leviathan that is the Void Chelicerate.

With the new intro in place thanks to the Frostbite update, you will still begin your adventure from a crash-landing on 4546B. A whole new world awaits, and you are not alone. Together with the lead character is another human. Whether they are friendly or not remains to be seen. Just like the flora and fauna of 4546B, it will be up to you to determine their nature.

A new perspective

Fans of the original game loved how it blended the survival elements with the exploration. For Subnautica: Below Zero and its Relics of the Past update, it seems everything is a little more straightforward. You have your goal and everything you do drives towards that. Even your starting point is a lot more manageable compared to the game’s predecessor. It will be interesting to see just how the developers can twist the formula yet again.

Relics Of The Past Update Brings Subnautica Below Zero Close To Completion (1)

With the Relics of the Past update, we are one step closer to the complete form of Subnautica: Below Zero. However, there is nothing stopping you from playing the game now. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have a proper ending just yet. A release date for the final version of the game is still not set, but we are close. Unknown Worlds have stated that Relics of the Past will be one of the final major updates.

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