Relive the glory days

Marvel’s stable of True Believers books is about to get an expansion. The reprint series is expanding just in time for Avengers: Endgame.

Relive the glory days

Yes, they might be “just reprints” but Marvel’s line of True Believers books contains some of the coolest moments from Marvel U history. If you’re going to call any comics “timeless”, these are as good as any. And some of these books actually even cost less than they did originally, clocking in at just $1 USD each.

The line, which started a few years back, is about to get a nice expansion too, in the form of some Avengers content. Timed to hit just in time for the Avengers: Endgame movie’s debut this April, here’s the full list of what’s coming:

  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – NEBULA #1: Reprinting material from Avengers (1963) #260 #35, #49
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – THANOS VS. THE MARVEL UNIVERSE #1: Reprinting material from Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #4
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: RONIN #1: Reprinting material from New Avengers (2005) #30
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – STORMBREAKER #1: Reprinting material from Thor (1966) #339
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – THANOS & GAMORA #1: Reprinting material from Warlock and the Infinity Watch #9
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – ENDGAME! #1: Reprinting material from Avengers (1963) #71
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: AVENGERS – THE GATHERER’S SAGA #1: Reprinting material from Avengers (1963) #343
  • TRUE BELIEVERS: THANOS: THE FINAL BATTLE #1: Reprinting material from Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #6

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