Remedy Entertainment plans to release four upcoming games before 2025

Remedy Entertainment plans to release four upcoming games before 2025

Recently, developer Remedy Entertainment posted some details on its website regarding a meeting it had with investors. As one would expect, Remedy Entertainment discussed its earnings throughout the first quarter of 2022, but the studio also shared plenty of details regarding its upcoming games. According to the company, it plans to put out a total of four games between the years 2023 and 2025.

One of these projects comes in the form of the anticipated Alan Wake 2, a game that Remedy unveiled during last year’s Game Awards. As of right now, the game has entered its “full production stage,” and its initial release window of 2023 has remained firm. Hopefully, the studio will meet that target without encountering any major setbacks during development.


What about the other projects?

Additionally, Remedy Entertainment also has its remake of the first two Max Payne entries in the works. Funded by Rockstar Games, the remake first became known to the public last month, and according to the developers, it has earned an “overwhelmingly positive” reception from fans. The studio also plans to expand on the Control IP with two new installments. One of these will function as a multiplayer spinoff, while the other project, which currently remains “in the concept stage,” will likely serve as a fully-fledged sequel to the original Control. The last of these projects comes in the form of a free-to-play cooperative shooter, which goes by the codename “Vanguard.” News about this project came out late last year, and although it has progressed substantially, it still remains in “the proof-of-concept stage.”

That’s quite a few new games that Remedy Entertainment has in store for the next few years, but those who kept count will notice that I mentioned five projects instead of the previously mentioned four. It seems likely that between 2023 and 2025, the developers will put out Alan Wake 2, the Max Payne remake, “Vanguard,” and the Control spin-off. As for the Control sequel, that is likely quite a few years away.

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