Reminder: the Xbox One’s price goes back to $399.99 on 1/3/15

If you haven’t bought n Xbox One yet, you might want to hurry.

Though you might be under the impression that Microsoft dropping the price of the Xbox One down to the sub-PS4 $349.99 USD was a permanent thing, it’s actually anything but. True the price drop is proving to be pretty successful this Holiday Season and a great boon for the second place Xbox One console, but Microsoft is all about turning a tidy profit, and that’s something that’d be helped along better by returning the system to it’s pre-November price of $399.99.

Of course, that tag is sans Kinect, and should you want to buy into the add-on that no one wanted in the first place (really, I mean lets be honest here) then you’ll be paying a bit more and plunking down $499.99 USD. There are still some great bundle deals out there too, with editions containing Assassin’s Creed Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (which also has a 1TB HD), and a white version of the console packed with Sunset Overdrive (though that one might be a little tougher to find).

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Bottom line- if you haven’t gotten a One yet, and you really want one, do it now or pay $50 more in a few days time. The Xbox One’s price returns to normal on January 3rd.

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