Requiem — Skills and perks guide

A Plague Tale Requiem Amicia Skills Perks Guide

Amicia isn’t totally helpless in A Plague Tale: Requiem. She’s got her trusty slingshot, a deadly crossbow, and some additional tools to make quick work of baddies. Still, there are some nifty quirks that she can obtain. Here’s our A Plague Tale: Requiem skills and perks guide to help you unlock Amicia’s full potential as you progress in the campaign.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem – Skills and perks guide

To be clear, the skills and perks in A Plague Tale: Requiem are unlocked automatically and in a linear order. However, the “XP” you earn is completely dependent on the actions that you do throughout the course of the campaign. Here’s the gist:

  • Prudence (stealth) – Increased if you tend to get past enemies by way of stealth.
  • Aggressive (combat) – Increased if you fight and kill enemies; counters and crossbow/slingshot kills are counted; can sometimes increase if certain companions are able to kill enemies on their own.
  • Opportunism (crafting) – Increased the more often you craft or use tools.

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Prudence skills and perks

  • Light Footstep – Make less noise when moving.
  • Nimbleness – Move faster when crouched.
  • Throwing Stance – Throw objects further away.
  • Armor Piercer – Gains the action to backstab armored soldiers.

Aggressive skills and perks

  • Grappler – Push enemies into rats to kill them instantly.
  • Recovery – Recover faster from blows.
  • Vital Points – Strangle enemies faster and quieter with your slingshot.
  • Quick Fingers – Reload weapons faster.

Opportunism skills and perks

  • Alchemy Knowledge – Craft ammo faster.
  • Nothing Lost – Save one resource when crafting.
  • Material Division – Obtain additional upgrade materials when crafting.
  • Pure Product – Obtain an additional ammo type when crafting.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem is available via Steam.

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