Respawn Entertainment nerfs omniscient Seer in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment nerfs omniscient Seer in Apex Legends

At the beginning of Apex Legends Season 10, Respawn Entertainment added the visionary new Legend Seer to the battle royale’s roster. The developer was a little heavy-handed with the visionary elements because Seer’s ability to track enemies is off the charts. Respawn has now applied a slight nerf to the abilities Seer uses to track foes in Apex Legends.

If you have read my Seer guide, you will know that his Passive ability, Heart Seeker, is far too powerful. In a fraction of a second, you can tell if enemies are near you. If used smartly, you can use Heart Seeker to pinpoint the locations of your enemies very, very quickly. Then hit them with your Tactical ability and run them down. And the Passive has no cooldown, so you can constantly be using it.


Seer has become a must-pick in the Apex Legends meta, and not just in the battle royale. He’s arguably even more crucial in Arenas. So, here’s what Respawn has changed to make Seer more balanced.

Apex Legends Seer nerf

The changes to Heart Seeker should make it more difficult for you to spot enemies coming. However, you’re still going to be able to track them down fairly easily if they’re close to you. You can quickly ADS and lower your weapon again to get an arrow pointing to enemies. Since there’s no cooldown, you can do this while moving to constantly keep track of what’s happening around you. I don’t believe the main strength of the Passive has been removed.

Removing the damage and flash from Seer’s Tactical ability makes sense to me. The purpose of Focus of Attention is to track enemies and delay their healing. These two tweaks, along with the 0.2 seconds longer delay in detonation, will make the Tactical less of a death sentence. However, it’s still incredibly powerful.

The final change to the master of tracking simply makes his Ultimate ability charge slower. I find that I have it for almost every battle, so this change does make it worse. But it will probably still be available for most of your engagements.

All the changes made by Respawn are good. I suspect Seer will need more nerfs to truly make him balanced and give the other tracking Legends a chance to earn a spot on the team.

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