Retro title Fox n Forests showcases changing seasons in its latest trailer

If you love the 16bit era of gaming, then you’re going to love this. Fox n Forests is looking fantastic in its latest trailer, which shows off the season-changing gameplay of the platformer.

Rick the Fox bravely wields his Magic Melee Crossbow to attack enemies and change seasons on the fly to his advantage, such as making new platforms from falling leaves in autumn. Defeat epic enemies, discover hidden bonus levels, find powerful potions and other valuable loot, solve brain-teasing puzzles and unveil the mysteries of the fifth season.


There’s nothing to dislike about that trailer. And I realize that statement might be dependent on whether or not you actually played games during the 16bit era. But man does this game look great. All that graphical detailing just looks so spot-on. I’m sure there are reasons that it couldn’t, but it looks like it’d be right at home on the Genesis too. It seems like the dev team is just getting everything right with it. And I’m honestly not even going to pretend that I’m not excited to play the finished product.

If you’re interested, and you probably should be, developer Bonus Level Entertainment has actually delved into the level design of the game. It’s interesting stuff. That’s particularly true if you’re a fan of the Genesis/SNES stage of gaming. Click here to give it a read on their Kickstarter page.

The first offering from EuroVideo’s new Wild River label, Fox n Forests will make its debut at PAX East. IF you’ll be at the con, check it out in booth #10054. Otherwise sit tight, Fox n Forests is set to debut on the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch this spring.

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