Return of a legend

There’s a new Ghost Rider coming, and he’s very familiar. There are also two of him. You might want to watch the trailer.

Return of a legend

There are two characters that I think most Marvel fans think of when they see the name “Ghost Rider”. And, apologies to Alejandra Jones and Robbie Reyes, but neither is really one of them.

Robbie might be the most recent to bear the curse, but Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch are pretty easily the most iconic of the Riders. Plus there’s the whole bike thing, which was completely replaced when Reyes was introduced.

Speaking of, Robbie is actually a bit of a mystery here in this very story too. He’s not mentioned at all, and what’s happened to him in terms of the Marvel U is a mystery. What we do have though, is the duo of Johnny and Danny.

Blaze is somehow a Ghost Rider again, and has found himself ruler of hell. Where that leaves Marvel’s demonic super villains is also a mystery, though it puts Danny Ketch in a very interesting position indeed.

That’s because he’s once again a Ghost Rider too, and his new job is hunting evildoers for the new king of hell.

Ghost Rider #1 hits comic shops this October the 2nd.

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