Return to Monkey Island could be the last game in the series

Return to Monkey Island could be the last game in the series

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, fans got to see the very first gameplay trailer of the anticipated Return to Monkey IslandAlthough the trailer led to some divisiveness amongst fans due to the game’s new art style, it otherwise showed a great deal of promise. With the rejuvenation of the series, many fans may be curious as to what future installments will look like. But as it turns out, Return to Monkey Island might just be the last game the series will ever see.

The new interactive website that the developers of Return to Monkey Island revealed after the Nintendo Direct trailer appears to confirm this, at least at first glance. When clicking on the Overview page and scrolling down to the section with the subheading “Created By a Legendary Crew,” you can find a statement that labels the game as “the exciting conclusion to the Monkey Island series.” As of right now, the developers have not elaborated further on this statement.


The secret is just around the corner

Those who dislike Return to Monkey Island’s art style may feel disappointed that the game might function as the series’ grand finale. But Ron Gilbert, the original creator of Monkey Island, has stuck to his guns on the new art style, stating that he wants to game to adopt this aesthetic.

To clarify, there is a possibility that Return to Monkey Island will only be the series’ last installment in a chronological sense. This means that, later down the line, the series could receive either a spinoff or a main installment that takes place earlier in the timeline. Ultimately, though, assuming for now that the series will receive no more games after this seems like the safer bet. It will probably prevent you from feeling too disappointed in case we don’t see any more Monkey Island news after this game.

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