Revel announces trio of new Star Wars Rogue One models

Looking forward to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Then I have a feeling you’re going to love what Revell has on tap with their latest series of Star Wars model kits.

Rogue One lands at Revell

With Rogue One being just a few short months away, we’re headed once again for peak Star Wars. I suspect that’s something that might be happening quite a bit in the years to come, since Disney has a full slate of Star Wars goodness planned. Some of the coolest stuff going along with the latest film has to be Revell’s lineup.

Yes, I know that most collectors might not look to model kits as a favored target, but they honestly should. Sure you have to build ’em, but they generally look a fair bit better than any toy. Case in point- the three new kits from Revell. The company’s Star Wars kits that saw release last year were ranked first in the category by NPD based on consumer data too, so you know these are worth a peek.

Much like last year’s models, all three of these new plastic kits are SnapTite, meaning there’s no glue needed. This is pretty important for both those who generally don’t get into model-making, as well as kids. Glue is never all that great of an idea for the younger set after all… or me really, but that’s another story.

And after snapped together, the vehicles will stay together according to the company. Heck, you don’t even need paint with these, another big plus for the uninitiated. Oh, and did I mention they have lights and sounds? Yep, the batteries are even included.

Here’s what the lineup looks like:

  • Revell Star Wars SnapTite Build & Play Rebel U-wing Fighter™ (MSRP $19.99) – a model kit replica of a sleek new troop transport/gunship that will be unveiled in Rogue One. The 35-piece plastic model kit features a lighted cockpit that reveals Rebel soldiers ready for combat, rotating wings that can switch between two flying modes, removable landing gear, and battle action sound effects that let kids’ imaginations soar.
  • Revell Star Wars SnapTite Build & Play Imperial Star Destroyer™(MSRP $29.99) – a plastic model version of the signature vessel of the Imperial fleet introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977. The model kit has 46 parts, is an impressive 15.75” long when assembled, and includes features like light-up engines and movable gun turrets as well as audible engine vibrations and turbolaser fire.
  • Revell Star Wars SnapTite Build & Play Imperial AT-ACT™ Cargo Walker (MSRP $19.99) – the newest iteration of the four-legged All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT™) first seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The 45-piece plastic model kit produces a walker with a positionable head, shoulders and knees as well as movable guns, an illuminated command cockpit, and both walking and battle action sounds.

From box, to shelf- in no time flat

With about an hour’s time to assemble each one, you can get ’em together in a pretty short period and get to playing… I mean, displaying. Definitely displaying. That’s something they should look good doing too. You know, being displayed. All three of these kits were crafted using the computer data straight from the movie. Authenticity is a nice little plus for any fan.

As for release dates, the kits hit stores right along with the rest of the Rogue One deluge. So you can expect to see them on September the 30th. Find ’em at your local Toys R Us, Target, and Hobby Lobby stores, or online at

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