Revised Street Fighter Encyclopedia coming up

Udon is getting set to unleash it’s new and improved encyclopedia of all things SF with Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia-Arcade Edition.

Arcade ready

Street Fighter V is heading towards what might be its last incarnation in the Champion Edition. So it makes sense that publisher Udon should have a brand new encyclopedia on shelves right along with it.

That’s just what’s on the way with the Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia-Arcade Edition. The new edition will sport an additional 40 pages over the previous book.

Inside you will find detailed, updated profiles of every Street Fighter character, including their origins, allies, enemies and fighting styles. This titanic tome also includes an in-depth “Street Fighter Universe” supporting cast section, letting you dive deeper than ever before into the expanded world of Street Fighter. Each profile is accompanied by pulse-pounding artwork by UDON’s top artists like Genzoman, Jo Chen, Arnold Tsang, Jeffrey Cruz, Joe Ng, Omar Dogan and more!

Udon press release

The bad news is that the book won’t make it in time for the Champion Edition’s launch on February 14th. Instead, it’ll be landing at retail about 2 months post. Udon says it’s on track for an April 14th release.

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Want to lock up your copy now? It’s pre-orderable via Amazon, and will run you $44.99 USD.

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