Rift of the Necrodancer is a spin-off featuring rhythm-based mini-games

Rift of the Necrodancer is a spin-off featuring rhythm-based mini-games

Well, that didn’t take long at all. Mere weeks after developer Brace Yourself Games teased a new project in the Necrodancer universe, the studio has pulled off the veil. Rift of the Necrodancer is a spin-off game, starring Cadence and her friends as they battle it out in a series of rhythm-based mini-games.

It’s a blend of Guitar Hero, Rhythm Heaven, and a load of other goofy mini-game collections. My mind drifted to WarioWare, as the accompanying trailer showcases Cadence completely beefing a yoga pose. It looks goofy and fun, so fans of the aforementioned games should take note.


There are two main modes in Rift of the Necrodancer. Rift Mode is a “rhythmic battle against streams of monsters pouring out of the Rift.” This is your Guitar Hero-like mode, where you time your button presses to defeat enemies as they slowly move to the beat. There’s also a Boss Battle mode, which appears to take more than a little influence from Punch-Out!

Beats for the beat-down

However, Rift of the Necrodancer seems to get truly silly and hilarious with its Mini-Game Mode. We only got a taste of this in the trailer with said yoga mini-game. Brace Yourself mentions there will be multiple mini-games to play, all of which require you to keep up with the rhythm.

It’s still a Necrodancer game, and that means there will be supportive features alongside an incredible soundtrack. Danny Baranowski returns with some allies to compose the music. The game will also include a leaderboard and mod support.

Rift Of The Necrodancer Spin Off Game Rhythm Reveal Steam 2

If you’re hungry for more Necrodancer, a massive content update is on the way.  Crypt of the NecroDancer: Synchrony is out in Early Access now with online co-op, more characters, weapons, and music.

We don’t yet know for sure when Rift of the Necrodancer will arrive. Twitter user Wario64 did spot a June 20, 2023 release date on its Steam page, but that got quickly changed to TBD.

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