Riot has begun seeking developers for the League of Legends MMO

Riot has begun seeking developers for the League of Legends MMO

Back in December, a League of Legends MMO was revealed by Riot Games’ Vice President of IP and Entertainment, Greg Street, with little fanfare or preparation. The company later confirmed that it was real, giving players more to look forward to with the growing franchise. The project will likely take a few years. Now, we know for sure that it’s a go, as Riot has begun hiring for the League of Legends MMO.

On a new recruitment page, Riot shares that it has begun development and that more help is needed. Developing an MMO is a huge undertaking, after all. For now, the company has not listed any specific roles it is looking to fill.


In a more general sense, Riot wants applicants with experience in a variety of functions. Obviously, those with experience working on MMOs will be welcomed. Riot is also looking for new developers well-versed in gameplay engineering, game and UX design, game art, and game production.

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Using history

With the amount of lore that has been developed for the game, it is clear that a League of Legends MMO will have much to draw from. The roleplaying aspect should also lend itself well to a League of Legends world.

Street also mentioned that fans have been hoping for an MMO extension of the popular MOBA. Granting their wish is a no-brainer for all involved. For now, we can only wait and see as the League of Legends MMO takes shape over the next few years.

While we still have no idea if World of Runeterra is going to be the final name for the League of Legends MMO, these hiring proceedings are another positive development. As Riot Games continues to expand its reach via League of Legends and the other games in its stable, we can at least say there will be more competition in the MMO space.

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