Riot has responded to calls for a pick/ban system to be added to ranked Valorant

Riot has responded to calls for a pick/ban system to be added to ranked Valorant

The release of Valorant Episode 4 Act II did not release any new content into the game. The content restarted with Act III, where Fade became the latest agent who has been popular in ranked and unrated modes. Speaking of ranked play, Valorant players have been calling for a pick/ban system to be added to this mode.

There are seven maps in the competitive rotation and some are preferred more than others. A pick and ban feature would allow players to choose the maps they want to play, and the maps they want to keep out of the mix. After all, the VCT competitive circuit allows teams to select and ban maps before a series. However, Riot has not seemed so keen on the idea in regular ranked play.


Riot responds to fans hoping for a pick/ban system in Valorant

If you are wanting to see a pick and ban system in Valorant, do not get your hopes up. In a recent Ask Valorant blog, Riot stated that it doesn’t have any plans for this in the regular ranked mode. Competitive Designer Jon Walker goes on to explain that Riot wants players to learn how to play every map in the rotation, rather than avoiding certain ones.

With that being said, integrating a pick and ban feature may not be completely out of the picture for Valorant. The team believes that this type of system is worth taking a look at in a mode with complex team strategizing. Also, the presence of picks and bans has not been ruled out of the upcoming tournament mode, which is thought to follow that play style.

“It’s still a work-in-progress, but we see its potential in a space where teams will have planned plays and Agent compositions for various maps—or maybe they just want to avoid yay’s Chamber on Bind,” Walker wrote.

It appears that the developers will not budge on calls from players to allow for more freedom in map choices. When you queue into your next match, all you can do is hope that your favorite map will be in play.

Valorant Ranked Play Pick And Ban Response

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