Rise from your grave- Dark Horse brings the Resurrectionists to life this month

What would you do if you could remember all your past lives? For Jericho Way it might mean pulling off a heist 3,000 years in the making.

Are you near-death experienced? Framed architect-turned-thief Jericho Way has discovered he’s a Resurrectionist, one of a select group of people who can not only remember their past lives, but become them. Two groups are now after his services—the Sojourn corporation, which wants to exploit his powers for mysterious purposes, and a motley crew of modern-day tomb robbers who have been trying to pull the same impossible heist for 3,000 years—and if Jericho joins them, he may steal back his own future!

Keeping the flow of new IP’s and fresh content going, Dark Horse might have another winner on its hands with Fred Van Lente’s The Resurrectionists. The idea here is so different than anything else on the market, that it’s actually kind of hard to pigeonhole it into your typical comic book categories. Supernatural though, it’s definitely that in spades with not only memories of past lives, but some kind of cellular memory about those lives playing a big part in the narrative.

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The series will be creator-owner too, which is always nice to see in the comic book realm (and something that’s not glimpsed very often) and is set to feature artwork by Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio, who’ve both been making some waves in the industry as of late with Clown Fatale and Dead Body Road respectively. This could be one to watch this Fall, as Resurrectionists #1 lands on the racks on November 12th.

Click the thumb to the left for a special preview of the first issue.

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