Rise of the Triad update blasts Steam and GOG

Update 1.1 features a new set of maps and “hundreds of fixes”- and it’s free.

Including “hundreds of fixes, tweaks, optimizations and features” is pretty great all by itself, but this is all stuff that’s been asked for by the game’s fans too, which is just plain cool. Frederik Schreiber of Interceptor Entertainment gives nod to the players and says that; “We are extremely happy about the feedback we have gotten from you guys and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

The guys and gals at Interceptor have basically spent the weeks since the game’s release collecting error and bug reports from all over the interwebz and then sticking them all into one big pack to rule them all. Oh, and then adding five new multiplayer maps. For free. And if you watched the video, then you know the maps in the pack aren’t of the throwaway, recycled variety either- this is all-new stuff that you get just for owning the RotT remake.

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The update is live right now on Steam and GOG, so whichever place you grabbed your Rise of the Triad remake from, you are clear for download.

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