Robots, Monsters, and role-playing abound in SNK’s Biomotor Unitron

Robots, Monsters, and role-playing abound in SNK’s Biomotor Unitron

Another lost gem from the Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNK’s Biomotor Unitron is back and ready to take on some giant monsters on the Switch.

Is it the apocalypse again?

For some time now SNK has been producing a pretty darn impressive lineup of retro games for the Nintendo Switch. Aside from a few, these have all hailed from the classic Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld. If you don’t know what that is, think ‘GameBoy’.

The NGP was SNK’s answer to Nintendo’s juggernaut, and scaled down some of the company’s biggest and best games and series’ for portable play. But amongst a sea of names you already know, there were a few original titles snuck in.

One of those was Biomotor Unitron. An RPG, BU had some familiar 8/16bit mechanics, but a unique twist. When was the last time you played a role-playing game that centered on giant robot vs monster battles?

Here’s a look at the new Switch version in action:

  • Players take on the role of Unitron pilots as they explore the world! Explore dungeons that change their appearance every time you enter them and acquire various materials!
  • A Unitron’s shape changes according to the pilot’s level! And new weapons can be developed by synthesizing materials and parts! Go out and create your own Unitron!
  • Battle it out in the arena, the hall of fame of Unitron Masters where the strongest enemies gather! Win the glorious title of “Master of Masters” with the strongest Unitron!

Ready to pilot your Unitron to kaiju-smashing glory? Biomotor Unitron is out right now on the Nintendo Switch.

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