ROCCAT ships new wireless Kone Air gaming mouse

ROCCAT ships new wireless Kone Air gaming mouse

Designed to be your go-to for just about everything, ROCCAT’s new wireless mouse is looking like a jack of all trades. Check out the Kone Air, out now.

No, not “Con”

Decidedly not a vacuum, ROCCAT’s new Kone is a mouse of all purposes. While it’s meant to be a gaming mouse for your PC, it’s also got an eye on the ‘work from home’ market.

Of course, you could probably say that about almost any mouse on the market, but this one does have some things that others don’t. And yes, they’d benefit the work crowd as much as the gaming one.

For one thing, the Kone’s shape is of particular note. Designed with ergonomics in mind, ROCCAT touts the Kone as the culmination of some 15 years of research into mouse-comfort. One top of that, it’s also got two different power and connection modes.

While you’ll find a 2.4GHz option for fast-paced gaming, it’s also sporting a standard bluetooth connection. The idea there is that that’ll not only provide stability while working, but cut power consumption. Kind of neat, and the first time I’ve personally seen something like that.

Speaking of “power” too, the Kone Air allows for users to pull one of its two AA batteries at any time to allow for more lightweight operation. Though you might not want to do that, since the pair allow for a massive 800+ hours of life. Now that’s impressive.

Likewise notable are the Titan Optical Switches, which allow for a “100 million click life cycle”. Want precision? Then you’ll be happy to know that ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 19K DPI Optical Sensor is built right in, along with “heat-treated pure PTFE glides for smooth movement across any surface.”

The Kone Air comes in either white and black, and is out right now. It is priced in at $69.99 USD.

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