RONIN (PC) Review

Get your revenge!

Become a vengeful heroine as she vows to strike down five influential business people.


We are never given much of a story, or really why we are after these prominent business folks. All we know, is that we are a woman scorned, and we will get our revenge. So pick up your sword and lets get to it – kill everyone in sight! What we do know of the story brings to mind a popular film from a few years back, and the visuals make me think of games from yester-year… but don’t be fooled. This turn-based game will suprise you. Killing all enemies in the level will get you extra points. These points, in turn, can be spent on special skills. Skills like throwing your sword at your enemies, making clones to confuse your enemies, or even the ability to hang enemies from the ceiling. There are several ways you could go in this game.

The turn-based action is unique to a platformer like this. It takes a bit of getting used to, having the game pause while you are in mid-jump, as you are being targeted by half-a-dozen guards, and you are given the options of whether or not to continue your jump, use a skill, or even grapple a ledge for a swinging attack. Another thing to remember is that you have a meter that builds up with your attacks. Once you’ve accumulated five attacks, you are granted an extra move. Now, while this does not sound like much, this extra move can quite often mean the difference between beating a level, or going back to the checkpoint.


This game is not exactly forgiving, and if you are like me, you will find yourself respawning at checkpoints regularly. It only takes one shot to kill you, and all guns are trained on you, so you have to be quick. And smart. With enemies such as guards armed with pistols, guards with machine guns, and semi-robotic ninjas who can teleport across the room, you have to make every move count. Sometimes that means simply knocking down your target for the moment, which may buy you time to take out another guard and come back for the kill.

Once you’ve taken down the target, you still have to fight your way out, getting to your motorcycle. This can prove to be just as difficult as getting to the boss. RONIN has proved to be challenging definately. Though it is not unbeatable. Like some of the best games out there, you do not have to restart the entire level every time you die, you are merely locked into your checkpoint. You can make it through, you just need to figure out how.

In terms of the music, I am definately a fan here. The developers decided to publish this game so you can access its soundtrack seperately. I wish more developers offered this, because it is a great way to get more enjoyment from the game. Whether you are working out, or it shuffles during a group gathering, there is always a good use for game soundtracks. I for one, have added RONIN’s soundtrack to a collection of playlists I use on a regular rotation.

oh boy


When I first saw RONIN, I thought, “hey, a retro-style game, sweet.” I had no idea. I figured I would have this beat in a day. I did not know that I would be collecting documents, using elevators, and killing (almost) everyone in sight. Then I learned about extra skills you can get if you wipe out everyone in the level, so I went back for more. Tomasz Wacławek has come up with quite a suprising work here. If you are not paying attention, you are easily overwhelmed, and even more – you’re dead. And then you meet the robotic-ninja who will zip across the room and take you out before you realize he’s there. Or he won’t, if you attack him first.

For every gamer out there that enjoys a good, challenging title, that will surely cause frustration, but you feel great when you get past it – this one’s for you. You will laugh at the simplicity of the artwork, and you will cry when you are taken out at a moments notice.  So, go on, pick up your copy today. RONIN is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita.

This review was based upon a digital copy of RONIN supplied to Brutal Gamer by Devolver Digital.

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