Round 3 of McFarlane’s Page Punchers focuses on The Flash

Round 3 of McFarlane’s Page Punchers focuses on The Flash

The Fastest Man Alive is the focal point of McFarlane Toys’ latest round of Page Punchers. Flash, Captain Cold, Heatwave and more are all included.

Speed reader

One of McFarlane Toys’ newest branches on the old DC Comics tree, Page Punchers have kind of become a big deal. Each pack includes a comic, themed to the wave in question, plus an action figure (natch’), which are delivered in one of two sizes, either 4″ or 6″.

This newest wave announcement is of the 6″ variety, and follows up on both Injustice and Black Adam waves. None other than Barry Allen is the central figure, west against an assortment of his most famous villains. Ryan Choi’s version of The Atom is included as well, serving as a bit of backup against the Rogues.

Since this is a Page Punchers wave, there’s no build-a-figure piece, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an oversized character. That comes in the form of a Gorilla Grodd Megafig.

All of the above are available now for pre-order via our sponsors at Entertainment Earth. The standard sized figures are all $24.99 USD, while Grodd is priced at $39.99 USD, and all of ’em are set to ship in November.

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