RuneScape Treasure Hunter promo, Gifts of the Creator, is gambling-free

RuneScape Treasure Hunter promo, Gifts of the Creator, is gambling-free

Today, a new Treasure Hunter promo went live in RuneScape, which differs greatly from its predecessors. Gifts of the Creator is the first-ever RuneScape Treasure Hunter promo to completely avoid any suggestion of gambling. Unlike other promos, the rewards given in the new iteration are fixed, meaning that players know exactly what they are getting every time.

Treasure Hunter is a form of microtransaction present in Jagex’s popular MMORPG. Keys that are bought with real money can be traded in for chests containing various items. When a chest is open, three different options are provided per key, but these options are mostly random.


Gifts of the Creator

However, Gifts of the Creator changes this. In this promo, when a key is used the same three reward choices are given. These are a medium experience lamp, a medium experience star, or 30 protean items. This makes Gifts of the Creator the first ever RuneScape promo to not rely on RNG to decide its rewards.

Furthermore, every five keys used will provide a secondary reward. Similar to the main reward, this is not random as players can see in advance what they will get. While the main reward is always an uncommon rarity drop, the secondary reward varies between yellow (common) and purple (very rare).

Runescape Gifts Of The Creator Treasure Hunter Rewards

Building on the theme of player choice, Hearts of Ice are set to be discontinued in the next few months. Previously, Hearts of Ice were used to freeze unfavorable rewards, to avoid getting them when spending keys. But with the randomness now removed, there is no need for them anymore. Any Hearts of Ice that players have left will be converted to Oddments at a ratio of 5:1 (Hearts of Ice: Oddments).

Given the long-running criticism surrounding Treasure Hunter, this new RuneScape promo is a welcome addition. Most will see this as a pro-consumer move, as Jagex seeks to improve player choice options and remove any gambling connotations connected to its game.

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