Saints Row IV Inauguration Station released

Get to work on your Saints Prez and import him/her into the game later this month.

The Inauguration Station, which is available now, allows players to build their custom in game character- the Saints head who would become the President of the United States. The Station is free of charge and works hand in hand with Volition’s fourth Saints Row title that’s scheduled to drop onto store shelves later this month.

Basically, you can put your POTUS together now and then upload the Chief Saint into SRIV’s virtual Steelport as soon as the game launches. And that’s not all you can do as you can also enter your Prez into an election to pick the most insane looking head exec ever on the Saints Row community site. Also notable is that you can download your own character from Saints Row The Third (if you have one), or any other user created characters, and update them for SRIV.

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The Inauguration Station is available now on Xbox Live, Steam for the PC and the PSN everywhere but the Americas and is a free download. PlayStation Network players in the New World will be able to get in on the fun too, but not until August 13th.

As for Saints Row IV in all its glory, that’s scheduled to drop pretty soon too, and will be on all three platforms this August the 20th.

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