Sasquatch’s days are numbered in Killing Bigfoot

Does Bigfoot exist and do the big creatures roam the wilds of the world? The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization aims to find out by putting one down for the count if necessary.

Now those are some serious dudes right there. The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, or GCBRO for short, are a team made up of some pretty skilled guys too, so if anyone has a chance to capture or take out a Sasquatch, it just might be them. Among their members,  the team counts “engineers, corporate executives, military veterans, former cops, National Guard members, and even a coroner’s “body removal specialist,””. For an ‘amateur’ organization looking to go toe-to-toe with a beast that’s been categorized as mythical, that’s actually incredibly impressive.

The special presentation, due for Destination America this month, follows the team as they conduct an all-night stakeout after reports of a rogue Bigfoot encounter come in. Do they take down one of the most illusive creatures to stalk the forests of the Earth, or does Bigfoot get the last laugh, or howl as the case may be? Tune into Destination America on October 24th at 9pm/8pm central time for Killing Bigfoot to find out.

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