Savage Hulk #1 tears into Marvel next month

The second ongoing series staring the Jade Giant, Savage Hulk starts its run with some of the most classic characters in the Marvel U- the X-Men.

The Jade Giant was just too big to contain with one series – and this June, he’s smashing his way into another! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at SAVAGE HULK #1, the new in-continuity ongoing series featuring the Green Goliath! Legendary storyteller Alan Davis kicks off the new series with an explosive arc full of action and mayhem that only a Hulk series could contain!

The Incredible Hulk has no shortage of enemies. But he’s about to run afoul of some new ones. And it’s…the X-Men?!?! The Jade Giant is about to go toe-to-toe with Marvel’s mutants – and only one side is walking away! What could possibly drive these heroes to come to blows?

“We wanted big names, superstars and break-out talent to tell their unique stories within continuity,” says Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, in an interview with “That might be now, or using elements of the past and perhaps even glimpses of the future. It all comes back to the current Hulk mythos while letting the talent cut loose with that Hulk story they’ve been dying to tell.”

Prolific comic book legend Alan Davis kicks off the exciting new series in style as a connection between Charles Xavier and Bruce Banner pits the Incredible Hulk against the Uncanny X-Men! But even as hero fights hero – two of the deadliest Hulk foes in history close in from the shadows. And it’ll take both the Hulk and the X-Men united if they’re to put a stop to the Leader and the Abomination. But can they?

Don’t miss the start of an all-new epic Hulk tale this June when Alan Davis unleashes the bombastic SAVAGE HULK #1 on comic shops this June!

Since the series will be heading back, forth, and everywhere in between in the Marvel Universe’s timeline, it certainly has access to some amazing characters to work in with Dr. Banner’s greener side. And since the X-Men are in the first issue, I’m sold on this one already since it’s the classic form of the team that Hulk will be squaring off with in Savage Hulk #1.

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Savage Hulk almost feels like and anthology series too with it’s hopping and skipping around premise and that’s a-ok with me since the more evergreen forms of Marvel’s characters are far and away my favorites. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Alan Davis is heading up the book either.

Davis is the writer and the artist on Savage and he brings a style that’s as iconic in form as the characters he’s working with are. I can’t wait to see where it all goes.

Find out what happens when radioactive savage goes head-to-head with child of the atom in Savage Hulk #1 on June 25th.

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