Say goodbye to your cash, Steam’s Summer Sale is live

Once again, it’s time for a mighty Steam Sale. This one kicks off today and will run through early July, offering the usual assortment of excellent deals.

Time to build that backlog

I have noticed, over the years, that Steam’s sales tend to be little more than backlog-builders for most people. And yet we all still buy into them every season, picking up countless titles that we’ll (probably) never play for our PCs and Macs.

And on that note, it’s time to do it again.

The Intergalactic Summer Sale, as it’s known this time, has a bunch of great deals live right now, and a little interactive game, should you want to waste a few minutes. I always like when Valve does that.

A few discounts of note, right on the main page, include:

  • 30-75% off Fallout games
  • 33% off of PUBG
  • 67% off of Everspace
  • 50% off of Halo Wars
  • up to 85% off of Sonic titles
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There are tons more too of course, those are just the ones that caught my eye. And even hardware like the Steam Link and Steam Controller are on sale with heavy discounts. Yep, plenty to buy, and plenty of time to do it in too.

The Intergalactic Summer Sale is set to run now through July the 5th.

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