Scourge: Outbreak brings some Mass

May 31, 2013
News, Xbox 360


Meet the tank of the Scourge: Outbreak team, former SAS member Mass.

A veteran of the British SAS (Special Air Service), Mass is a formidable member of Echo Squad. Frustrated by the corporate corruption of British military forces, Mass’ fate eventually turned him onto mercenary work for several organizations engineered by anti-corporate agendas. However, his past has left him with a promise to keep a secret–one that would put himself or his fellow Echo Squad companions in grave danger. Now he’s targeted the Nogari Corporation for its crimes against humanity, vowing to destroy them with their own Ambrosia technology and recover the mysterious meteorite they so desperately wish to harness.

Described as a “true power hitter with a tough hide”, the big guy runs weapons control for Echo and is the CQC master of the team- not that you couldn’t have guessed that for yourself. Mass’ special suit generates a personal forceshield that not only lets this tank be just that, but also allows him to get in nice and close to opposing forces to deliver his ‘static shockwave’ attack. That’s the most powerful special on the team by the way, but you probably guessed that too.

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Join up with Echo Squad for some solo or four-player co-op when Scourge: Outbreak arrives on Xbox Live on July 3rd for 800 MS points.

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