ScourgeBringer launch brings Early Access to end with a greater challenge

ScourgeBringer launch brings Early Access to end with a greater challenge

With ScourgeBringer successfully leaving Early Access into its full launch, it would seem like the community is ready for another challenging roguelike. After all, the punishing platformer is all about clearing rooms, navigating dangers, and trying to stay alive amidst a shower of enemy projectiles. We definitely felt the rush and intensity, but apparently, that is not enough for developers Flying Oak Games. In fact, the ScourgeBringer launch will up the ante in terms of the challenge.

As part of the ScourgeBringer launch, a new update will introduce what is known as “The Chaos Root.” It is best explained as an evolving modifier for the game. If you are looking to give yourself more of a challenge, this is where you need to go. Perhaps you prefer less HP to start with or for traps to be more damaging. There will be 10 such modifiers to tweak the difficulty within the Chaos Root. All you have to do is to decide. Suffice to say, cranking everything up and beating the game will be one hell of an achievement.

Platforming high

Of course, in order to access such a gauntlet, you will have to beat the game first. To kick things off, the ScourgeBringer launch will make the first area of the game a little easier. In addition, Flying Oak Games has added a new secret realm for players to enjoy. This will include new bosses, monsters, weapons, items, and blessings. There are also going to be eight new mini-bosses and five new enemies. For the completionists, there are now three different endings together with 13 new achievements.

Scourgebringer Launch Brings Early Access To End With More Challenge (2)

For those looking to experience the high of intense action blended in a mix of demanding platforming, this ScourgeBringer launch should be on your radar instantly. ScourgeBringer is out now on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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