SDCC 2016: Statues, 12″ figures and more at Sideshow Toys

Sideshow Toys is overwhelming. There was almost too much happening at their Comic Con booth.

A glorious selection

You can say a lot about Sideshow Toys. They’re stuff is on the expensive end of the collector’s spectrum, that’s for sure. Even with that, it’s can also be hard to get ahold of. The most popular stuff seems to sell out of online retailers in no time flat, and be almost impossible to find at local comics shops.

Even with all that though, there’s one more thing that you can say about them, and you can say it with certainty: Sideshow Toys carries a ridiculously huge amount of freaking awesome stuff. Shall we see some examples?


DC, Marvel, horro, sci-fi… name a genre or major license and Sideshow probably has something incredible from it. It took a ton of time to go through what the company was showing off and photograph everything, and I’m sure I still must have missed one or two things.

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My picks? A relatively small (for Sideshow) statue of Spider-Man, the BvS version of Batman, an amazing Independence Day alien, Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China), the massive Hulk vs Wolverine, and an as-yet unfinished Bane that was absolutely monstrous. Honestly though, almost everything was cool in one way or another.

Have a look.

Court of the Dead

I could have put these demented undead characters under the ‘statues’ section above, since that’s what they are. Thing is though, unlike most of what Sideshow does, these are based on an original IP.

Court of the Dead imagines an after world rich with un-life, medieval-style ‘houses’ and royalty. The pieces that come out of this world reflect the incredible variations of that theme, and the results are impressive.

If you’re a horror fan, or just love macabre, get ready to smile. oh, and that one at the end isn’t a statue, she’s a cosplayer. I honestly couldn’t tell if she was with the booth or just passing through, but she looked awesome.

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1:6 scale figures

Hit and miss is how I’d describe most of the 12″ scale figure lines I’ve collected over the years. When it comes to the format though, Sideshow doesn’t mess around. I have a few of their pieces from Hot Toys, like WWII Cap, Cobra Commander, Arkham Batman, and a few Star Wars figs. Guess what? They’re all awesome.

And if the latest figures from the line are any indication, that’s a trend that’s likely to continue. Staying in the Star Wars space in a big way, you can expect to see plenty more figures based on just abut all areas of the franchise. I didn’t see anyone from Rebels present, but I’m sure there’s something in the works.

And that TIE Interceptor was glorious. Not for sale, but glorious.

As for the superhero stuff, both the Marvel and DC lines will continue of course, with plenty more characters on the way. These are mainly from both houses’ movie series’, though there were a few comic book editions scattered about too.

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As for other licenses, there wasn’t too much. Doc and Marty were present though, along with the famed time machine from Back to the Future.

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