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With that’s been happening in the world, it was only a matter of time, and now it’s official. San Diego Comic Con 2020 has been cancelled.

See you next year

Well this one’s a bummer. There’s no other way to put it. Though it’s a disappointment, Comic Con International has indeed moved to cancel this year’s SDCC. But even though it’s disappointing, it’s also very much an expected announcement. The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much put a stop to everything, after all.

While the situation with the virus has seemingly started to slowly improve, there’s really just no way that something like Comic Con could roll on. Even a few months from now, things probably won’t be completely over, and I can’t believe that a show would have been remotely possible.

Now you’ll note that, even though some events have been postponed, San Diego Comic Con 2020 is instead cancelled. That’s bad for fans yes, but keep in mind that it’s even worse for the city of San Diego.

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San Diego fought hard to keep Comic Con just a few years ago, and some businesses in downtown SD (and in the Gaslamp district) make an incredible amount of money off of it. It’s been said that SDCC is the sole thing keeping some of these shops (etc) open at all. Frankly, the cancellation could have some lasting repercussions. And I say that knowing again that there was really no other choice.

Along with this news though, comes a ray of light in the form of dates for 2021’s show. That’ll be held at the same old San Diego Convention Center on July 22-25, 2021. Hopefully everything will be able to move ahead with that.

Apparently too, those who’ve bought badges should sit tight and await an email from the show some time soon. In that, you’ll be given the option to either get a refund or to transfer your badge to next year’s Con. So that’s a little nicety at any rate.

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Full details are included in the official statement from the Convention, at the link below.

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