SDCC: Predator wants your head

Yes, your head- Fox has just announced that they’ll have a special booth at the SDCC this week where you can actually 3D-print a Predator action figure with a replica of your head in it’s scaly grip.

In what has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of at a Comic Con, Fox will have an entire booth dedicated to the action/sci-fi films of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fans will go into the 20th Century Fox booth on the show floor and have their pictures taken by a series of cameras courtesy of 3D Systems. The pics will then be used in conjunction with a 3D printer that’s right there in the booth to create a figurine of a Predator alien grasping the fan’s dislodged noggin.

Not completely free, the figurines are actually a bonus item for fans who preorder a limited or standard edition version of the newly 3D-ified version of the classic sci-fi/horror/action film. Available for the first time at the Con, Predator Blu Ray 3D will have a limited edition package that will include the film plus a replica Predator head (turnabout!) for $129.99. If you don’t want the head, the standard edition will just net you the movie on Blu Ray and will run you $49.99 to preorder.

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You’ll also be able to check the movie out at the Con and see that 3D transfer in action. Then when you’re done with all that, you can take part in the ‘Hunt the Predator’ challenge. Probably easier said than done; the challenge tasks you with finding the Predator at SDCC, taking a pic of him and then uploading that image to social networking with the hashtag of “#HUNTthePREDATOR”.

Do all that and you shoot right to the head of the line for a 3D scan of your head and that Predator figurine.

Fox will be at booth #3528 on the show floor. If you preorder your set at the Con, you can expect shipping some time this December. As for the 3D scanned figurine, that’ll be in the mail directly following SDCC.

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