Season 7 of SnowRunner, titled “Compete & Conquer,” is now available

Season 7 of SnowRunner, titled "Compete & Conquer," is now available

SnowRunner, the positively received off-road driving game developed by Saber Interactive, has finally reached the second half of its Year 2 Pass. SnowRunner players can now try out Season 7, which goes by the name “Compete & Conquer,” starting today. Much like SnowRunner‘s previous seasons, Compete & Conquer provides players with a new map to explore, this time taking place in Burning Mill, Tennessee, as well as two new vehicles in the form of the Gor BY-4 and the Sprinter 43-19.

This new season sets itself apart by boasting a strong racing them in both the map’s aesthetics and the mission designs. The Burning Mill map, which spans around four square kilometers, features a whole host of racing props, allowing players to drive through a dirt circuit, a rally course, and a river. Those who decide to play solo can test their skills in a variety of time-trial events that require them to pass through checkpoints. On the other hand, those playing with a friend in co-op can compete against each other in a series of versus races.


Pedal to the metal

Players have the option of racing either on the more typical offroad areas that define SnowRunner or the more stable dirt circuit. If you need some extra help in navigating these tracks, then you can make use of the aforementioned Gor BY-4 and Sprinter 43-19 vehicles, as the developers have specifically designed them with these races in mind. You can also deck out these new vehicles “with an exclusive racing-themed skin.”

The racing theme of Season 7 promises to add a fun new twist to SnowRunner‘s gameplay loop, one that speedrunners in particular will likely enjoy. After a few weeks pass, though, SnowRunner players will undoubtedly be eager to see what Season 8 will entail, as that will serve as the game’s second major expansion as well as the conclusion to the Year 2 Pass.

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