Second Jurassic World trailer brings on an army of dinosaurs

Lots of action in this new trailer for Jurassic World… and yes, that includes a shot of Chris Pratt and his astounding Raptor-Squad.

Not that there wasn’t action in the last trailer for Jurassic World, but this one has considerably more, including some more shots of the Indominus Rex in action. Rex is, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the main cause for alarm in Jurassic World. With the park open and in service for a while when the movie opens it’s tale, the Rex has been genetically patched together in an effort to create the first in a line of new, more exciting exhibits.

As Pratt’s character mentions in the clip, dinosaurs in any form should be ‘wow’ enough for anyone, but hey, I guess even amusement parks from prehistory need to up their game now and then. Of course, it’s not really looking like things go all that according to plan. Anyway, it actually looks pretty cool, if just a tad over the top, and there’s little doubt that Pratt + dinosaurs will probably equate to Jurassic World being one of the biggest movies of the Summer.

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You’ll be able to catch it in theaters pretty soon too, as the park will be open for business on June 12th.

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