Second wave of Lucasarts Star Wars classics arrives on

Another wave of classic Lucasarts Star Wars games has gone up for sale on DRM-free retailer, and man are there some good ones in this set.

Not that wave 1 was all that shabby, but wave 2 of the Lucasarts assault contains some all-time greats that pretty much every Star Wars fan who’s been playing games for a good while should know. And some of these have never been made available digitally before, so if you wanted to play them till now, well, tough luck.

That’s not the case anymore though as X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, and Galactic Battlegrounds are all now ready for download via the good folks at GOG. Joining those new digital offerings are Dark Forces, Battlefront II, and Knights of the Old Repubilc II: The Sith Lords. That’s a whole lot of Star Wars goodness right there, and GOG isn’t done.

In fact, today marks the beginning of the release of even more Star Wars games on the service, as GOG plans on posting a dozen more titles in the next 10 days. So if you’re a Star Wars game fan, get ready because your digital library is about to get a whole lot bigger.

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