Secret Ponchos arrives on Steam Early Access

Gunfights amidst the tumbleweeds are now available on Steam as the Early Access version of Switchblade Monkeys’ Secret Ponchos has rolled into town.

Announced a while back for the PS4, Secret Ponchos has finally debuted, but in Early Access form and well ahead of it’s console arrival. Though that PS4 edition is still very much in the works, PC gamers have a chance to try out the wild west-themed arena shooter right this very minute. Playable with a controller only as of right now (and for PC only too), Secret Ponchos nonetheless opens up a bunch of characters for play and lets you duke it out (or should that be duel it out?) in the game’s rough and tough multiplayer world more than a little early.

And of course, as you’re probably aware if you’re into Steam Early Access games at all, there ‘s a nice little discount if you do buy in. You can either nab a 20% discount, which takes the game from $14.99 USD down to $11.24, or grab a Posse Pack that nets you four copies of the title for the price of three. Not too shabby right there, and you don’t even have to raid a stagecoach to get in on it.

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Check out Secret Ponchos on Early Access here.

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