See the career of Daniel Bryan in WWE 2K19’s newest Showcase trailer

The Showcase of the immortals? For 2K Games’ upcoming wrestler WWE 2K19, that mode will be dedicated to an unlikely hero – Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan – Underdog(?)

Daniel Bryan probably isn’t what you immediately think of what you think “WWE Champion”. He’s not the biggest, or the most ostentatious. He does have heaps of charisma however, legions of fans, and is able to deliver a great match.

All of that is necessary in a WWE flagship character, so it honestly seems kind of fitting that the Showcase in 2K19 is dedicated to Bryan.

For those unaware, Bryan recently made his way back to the WWE. And the Showcase mode will be surprisingly up to date with all of those happenings. Throughout the narrative, you’ll wrestle (sorry) with all of his struggles in the ring, and even fight your way back to the big leagues.

In the mode, you’ll play out “The Return of Daniel Bryan”. That basically shakes out to mean that you’ll play “the most epic career challenges and highlights that have made him the beloved Superstar he is today.” So, if you’re a Bryan fan, then this is one story mode that you’re going to want to play through.

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WWE 2K19 hits consoles and the PC on October 5th.

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