Sega re-imagines Castle of Illusion

May 30, 2013
News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360


Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is two times over a classic with fondly remembered editions on both the Mega Drive (Genesis) and the Game Gear portable. So how do you remake something like that? Very carefully.

It’s pretty neat to hear the original creators of Castle of Illusion talk about the game and how they built it back in 1990. There’s always something to learn from videos like this about the industry in general and how games are made. For instance, I had no idea that ‘constant movement’ was a part of the Disney way of making animated movies. To hear that Sega actually took from little things like that and worked them into the game is pretty cool.

Also neat is to hear how the Sega of today is paying homage to that first title while still adding something new and fresh for modern audiences. Neat stuff all around.

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse arrives on Xbox Live, the PSN and the PC some time this Summer.

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