September 13th Valiant Preview: Ninjak #0

September 13th Valiant Preview: Ninjak #0

The zero issue for Valiant Comics’ Ninjak is finally here. Get ready to see what makes the Valiant U’s premier ninja/spy tick.

Before Ninja-K kicks off and after the original Ninjak run ends, we’re getting a special one-off issue starring the ninja in question. What makes it so special? Well, Colin King’s past has always been something of a mystery in this current version of the character, and that’s no longer going to be the case.

That’s right, the surliest British martial artists around is about to get one seriously fleshed out background. Well… that and this is a great new jumping on point. Valiant likes those you know.

Ninjak’s past and future — in the crosshairs!

Behind the years of training… Underneath the high-tech gadgetry… MI-6’s most experienced operative is still flesh and blood. So just how is a mortal man like Colin King able to survive in a world filled with telekinetic psiots, eternal warriors, and sentient suits of alien armor? The key to Ninjak’s survival is buried deep in the past…and today the world’s most dreaded super-spy prepares to reveal his most closely guarded secrets!

An all-new jumping-on point for the Valiant Universe’s most dangerous intelligence operative, and a massive 40-page milestone!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale SEPTEMBER 13th

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