Shadow Gambit is a new 2023 PC game that blends stealth strategy and cursed pirates

Shadow Gambit is a new 2023 PC game that blends stealth strategy and cursed pirates

Mimimi Games, the developer known for Desperado III and the Shadow Tactics series, has revealed a new title called Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew. Much like the developer’s other titles, Shadow Gambit functions as a tactical stealth game, only this time we have a seafaring pirate theme. Notably, Shadow Gambit marks Mimimi Games’ first foray into self-publishing, and it has used this opportunity to “push the Stealth Strategy genre to the next level.” If you wish to experience Mimimi Games’ newest take on the genre, you will have to wait until it comes out sometime this year.

A recent press release has highlighted exactly what Mimimi Games has done to advance the stealth strategy genre and build upon its previous work. First of all, Shadow Gambit ditches the relatively grounded settings of Mimimi’s prior games in favor of a full-on fantasy world. This allowed the developers to go all out in terms of the design of the mechanics.

Shadow Gambit is the next game from the Desperado III team, coming to PC in 2023

Additionally, Shadow Gambit takes the “quicksave and quickload” feature of previous titles and contextualizes it within its world. Specifically, the ghost ship that the player rides grants time-manipulation powers that can let them plan their next moves more easily and undo certain mistakes. Not only do these time powers play heavily into the game’s narrative, but they also lead to characters reacting to their use in-game.

Most significantly, though, Shadow Gambit “allows for non-linear game progression in a more dynamic sandbox,” empowering players with a refreshing degree of freedom. The game lets you take on any mission and island you want once you discover them, and you can even pick your preferred entry and exit points. All of these missions can be tackled with whichever crew members you like, allowing you to form a specific playstyle more easily.

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