Shadow Legacy trailer showcases magic mixed with stealth

Shadow Legacy trailer showcases magic mixed with stealth

Microsoft and Bethesda unleashed a tidal wave of game announcements during the summer 2022 showcase digital event. The Ereban: Shadow Legacy trailer was among that flood, but you might not want to let this upcoming stealth game drown in the sea of announcements.

So many games are based on the premise of open action, but stealth games can offer a certain satisfaction when it comes to finessing hostiles and slipping out without revealing what hit them. You’ll be able to do this in Ereban: Shadow Legacy when it comes to PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2023.


Details are still a bit limited for this game, but we’ve gathered the basic bits about what you can expect. As the name of the game suggests, it’s all about stealth action. You’ll take up the role of Ereban, the last of an otherwise extinct race that wields mystic powers.

It also turns out they are on a mission to avenge the those who suffered at the hands of the evil Helios corporation. The story has something to do investigating the organization. Helios claims to have solved a critical energy shortage. It seems safe to assume Ereban investigates this.

Morality matters

The developers stress that this game is more than just stealth action. The decisions you make will apparently have some direct consequences, and that will apply to how you approach encounters as well. That sounds good from a replayability standpoint. Hopefully the gameplay makes multiple playthroughs all the more enticing.

The game is under development by Baby Robot Games, which is partnered with Raw Fury for this release. As for availability, it appears you can get the game through Steam or play it day one via Xbox Game Pass for PC. Aside from the announcement trailer, you can find some more info about Ereban: Shadow Legacy, video clips, and screenshots on the Steam page listing.

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