Shadow Warrior 2 announced, boasts even more Wang

Puns aside, Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior remake is about to get a sequel. And this time, Lo Wang’s brought a few friends to the party.

Something of a hit that has since appeared on not only the original PC platform, but also the Xbox One and PS4, Shadow Warrior plays out an interesting mix of guns and (excellently fun) swordplay. The new game resurrected ‘hero’ Lo Wang and his demonic enemies in a franchise that was all but dead with the original title back in the 90s. Far from pushing up daisies now though, Wang is most definitely back for more.

Developer Flying Wild Hog promises more of what fans expect from the game, including a mix of old and new school gameplay, and of course, Wang. Now scraping together an existence on the edge of a society that’s been corrupted to the core, Wang must once again take up his blade and guns against a demonic army poised to run rampant across the globe. As you can see too, this time around, he’s got some pals with him, thanks to the new four-player co-op.

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Shadow Warrior 2 will be on display at E3 next week, and will be shown off (gameplay-wise) on Twitch this coming Monday at 12:30pm Pacific time. You can catch that here. The retail release is still a ways off, as the game will hit the Xbox One, PS4, and PC some time next year, but you can keep up with all things Shadow Warrior on the official site in the meantime… or right here on BG of course.

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