Shadow Warrior Classic Redux hits Steam

Lo Wang is already on his way in an all new Shadow Warrior remake, but now Devolver Digital has gone ahead and released a recreation of the original with Shadow Warrior Classic Redux.

“Our team is thrilled to be a part of the reintroduction of the Shadow Warrior series to gamers worldwide and share one of our favorite classic shooters,” said Gennadii Potapov, founding partner in developer General Arcade. “Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is something we’re very proud of and hope both longtime fans and gamers new to Shadow Warrior will enjoy the work we’ve put into remastering this classic.”

Shadow Warrior first debuted back in 1997 on the PC and it’s pretty neat to see publisher Devolver Digital and developer General Arcade bring it back in all its glory. The FPS may have become known more for its satirical edge and stereotypical humor since its release, but under all that SW was a solid and downright fun shooter in the style of the classic Duke Nukem 3D.

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If you missed it in the trailer, this new version of the game won’t skimp on the features either with updated graphics, PC and Mac crossplay, Steam Achievements and both expansion packs built right in. Fans who pick up Shadow Warrior Classic Redux will also be on the receiving end of a coupon that’ll net them a discount on the forthcoming SW reboot from Flying Wild Hog and the publisher.

You can grab a fistfull of throwing stars and get Shadow Warrior on Steam right now for $9.99 USD.

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