Shadow Warrior preorder cuts into download platforms

“You’ve got Wang…” and some pretty nice preorder incentives.

Developer Flying Wild Hog’s remake of the classic FPS Shadow Warrior is looking increasingly impressive as it slices and dices its way to release on the PC. Now publisher Devolver Digital has gone ahead and announced a number of pretty slick preorder incentives to get you to lock in your copy early.

Whether you’re buying on, Steam, The Humble Store or somewhere else, chances are there’s a sweet little extra in the works for you if you plunk down the digital credit before the game drops. Here’s your rundown of what you’ll get and where you’ll get it:

Pre-Order Bonus Steam includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana in-game weapon (Steam)
  • 75% off coupon for any current Devolver Digital game or Flying Wild Hog’s ‘Hard Reset’

Pre-Order Bonus GOG includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Classic Shadow Warrior katana in-game weapon (GOG)
  • Shadow Warrior (original) game download
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Pre-Order Humble Store includes:

  • 15% off standard price
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack
  • available at

Special Edition (Steam Exclusive) includes:

  • Shadow Warrior
  • Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer in-game weapon
  • Hotline Miami katana in-game weapon
  • Shadow Warrior digital art book
  • Shadow Warrior soundtrack

Shadow Warrior will be available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Get Games and GamersGate starting on September 26th. Lo Wang’s latest will run you $39.99 USD.

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