She-Hulk #159 (Comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

She-Hulk #159 (Comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

She-Hulk is back. Well, back to being her anyway. You know, after being Hulk-Hulk. Confused yet?

‘Cause I am. I haven’t read a Hulk book in a while, but I do know that Banner-Hulk is gone (for now) and Jenn was just going by ‘Hulk’ for a while. She had gotten rid of the She-Hulk name, though now it seems to be back. Where that leaves the “Hulk” book that’s also set to be a part of Marvel going forward, I don’t know. Is Banner coming back? It’s a pretty big question mark.

For now though, we’ve got She-Hulk to preview. And also, the return of The Leader! Wait… isn’t he dead? Or didn’t he transcend physical form… or something?

She-Hulk SMASH

The once-green (now gray) goliath otherwise known as Jen Walters is reclaiming her name in Marvel Legacy – starting in SHE-HULK #159! And series writer Mariko Tamaki is being joined by new series artist Jahnoy Lindsay to blast off this Legacy run.

Since Bruce Banner’s death, Jen has been going through her own issues as she attempts to get used to being Hulk again and regain control of her life. Now, she’ll face the classic Hulk villain The Leader…who is more obsessed with Jen’s Hulk persona than ever before, now that Jen has been changed by her previous adventures.

The Leader’s goal is simple–Kill Jen Walters…but is that even possible? And where does that leave Hulk?

A perfect jumping on point for fans old and new, don’t miss SHE-HULK #159, in comic stores this November!

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