Shovel Knight digging up physical release for consoles and handhelds

Remember Shovel Knight? One of the best games of 2014? Yep, well if you skipped it then, you might be interested in the new boxed release that’s on the way to retail.

It does seem kind of odd that the game would get a boxed release so far after its digital launch, but just go with it because it’s actually pretty cool. Including the base game and all of the content released for it till now, Shovel Knight’s new retail edition will also come packing ‘future updates’. What’s that mean? It means you’ll also get access to DLC like the yet to be released Plague of Shadows update as a free download.

So not too bad there, and a very nice addition to the old game library too. Yacht Club Games says that the title will see launch for the PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Wii U on October 13th. PC game fans won’t be left out of the fun either… providing they’re in the UK, as there’s an exclusive release planned there for the 16th.

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Source: MCV

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