Show’s over folks- the last PS2 rolls off the line

Sony has officially confirmed that the last PlayStation 2 has been produced.

We’ve known for a little while now that Sony was pulling the plug on production of one of the most popular and best selling consoles of all time soon- but now that time has arrived. The company has told the newspaper The Guardian that it’s all over. After a dozen years and a monster 1.52 billion consoles sold, the PS2 era has come to an end and the last ever ‘new’ PS2 has been built.

The last PS2 might really mark the end of a era in more ways than one as comes at a time when Sony is reeling a bit as a company. Sales of the PS3, though decent, don’t even come close to the rampant success of the console’s predecessor. On top of that, there’s the Vita. Sony’s followup to the PSP (which didn’t exactly capture hearts and minds either) has actually been dubbed the ‘flop of the year’ by some outlets and sports low sales numbers as a rule.

Add to all that the fact that the company’s stock has been downgraded into ‘junk’ status and you’ve got a tough time at present for the mega-company.

Fans looking for a bright side can certainly take a little solace in the probable fact that a new PlayStation is more than likely not only on the horizon- but will be announced very soon. Rumor suggests that the PS4 will be seeing the light of day at this year’s E3 super-con in June and might hit retail shelves (right along with a new Xbox) this Fall/Holiday season.

Sony may be down, but it’s certainly not out. Well, not yet anyway.

Source: The Guardian

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