Siege takes us back to launch with Legacy Arcade event

Siege takes us back to launch with Legacy Arcade event

Rainbow Six: Siege is half a decade old, believe it or not, and Ubisoft Montreal has decided that’s worth celebrating. The developer is taking us back to 2015, by offering up the Legacy Arcade event. This limited time mode essentially writes off all of Siege‘s updates in the last five years, and takes us back to launch.

Things have already kicked off in the winter event, which runs through January 5. Legacy Arcade only contains the game’s original operators, launch loadouts and legacy maps, stripping back the game’s added content. That leaves players with just 20 operators, a small slice of what’s available in 2020’s version of Rainbow Six: Siege.

This is a strange event, and something you don’t see too often. I suppose it’s a product of the live service times, where games change so much over time that people want what once was. Rainbow Six: Siege is effectively removing a load of content with Legacy Arcade, yet it’s being relatively well received.

The most interesting aspect of the event will probably be the change of meta. As multiplayer games develop, the meta changes, and by that, we mean what weapons we should all pick and what characters to play as. Legacy Arcade will force a new meta be restricting access to what many players will have used over the last few years.

Tweaking the playing field

Legacy maps are also part of the event, which is an interesting feature. Sure, it’ll limit the overall amount of maps to what was at launch, but some of those maps will change too. Ubisoft Montreal continually tweaks its level design, even for released maps, and Legacy Arcade will bring back the initial version of some of these maps.

You’ll have to say goodbye to Sam Fisher for now then, as we all move back to base operators. Legacy Arcade is live now through January 5 in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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