Silent Hill Townfall trailer has plenty of secret messages

Silent Hill Townfall trailer has plenty of secret messages

No Code’s Silent Hill Townfall is one of three new entries in the series that was announced last week, but it looks to be a very different experience from any of the other Silent Hill games. It’s reveal managed to set it apart from both the Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill F. And it’s all thanks to the cryptic trailer that holds plenty of secrets for you to uncover when Silent Hill Townfall releases.

Silent Hill Townfall‘s creative director, Jon McKellan, followed up the short teaser by saying that it’s “just the beginning.” McKellan then said that “it might be worth watching that trailer again, and see what you might have missed.” Of course, this threw the Silent Hill community into a frenzy. Afterward, members of the community worked together to uncover all the trailer’s secrets. And it turns out that the trailer had plenty to say between the lines.


Silent Hill Townfall‘s many secrets

The secrets of the trailer were hidden in some tricky spots. For starters, images tweeted out by the official accounts of No Code and Annapurna Interactive showed a fuzzy image of a house. They were similar images but had very slight differences. Then, a Twitter user discovered that the images had some hidden morse code. And in typically cryptic Silent Hill fashion, the code reads “I don’t know how to leave.”

But the secrets don’t stop there. A Reddit user discovered hidden text in the trailer’s audio by looking at its spectrograph in Audacity. The text reads “whatever heart this town had has now stopped,” seemingly alluding to the town of Silent Hill itself. Additionally, there seems to be a handful of smaller references to previous Silent Hill titles. At one point during the garbled radio transmission, the name “Alessa” seems to be heard. And for anyone that knows the story of Silent Hill, that name is a big deal.

The teaser trailer for Silent Hill Townfall has given fans plenty to discuss. And in some ways, it has proven to be more interesting for the community than the Silent Hill 2 remake or Silent Hill F. But if it’s anything like No Code’s prior titles, this could be a very different kind of game. That may be exactly what this series needs amid titles that tread more familiar ground.

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