Silent InterludeAll that and three dozen covers too

Rob Liefeld’s Snake-Eyes: Deadgame launches this week with 36 covers

Lifelong G.I. Joe fan and creator of loads of classic superheroes, Rob Liefeld is about to unleash Snake-Eyes: Deadgame. And wow is it packing variants.

Silent Interlude

G.I. Joe is most definitely ‘back’. After all but vanishing at the close of the 25th Anniversary line of action figures, Hasbro has debuted a brand new lineup of toys. The 6″ action figures are selling like hotcakes, with Snake-eyes and Destro being the toughest to track down.

And while the iconic comic book from Larry Hama never halted production, things are picking up again in the work do fete printed page too. If “A Real American Hero” is a book made for hardcore fans of the classic property, Rob Liefeld’s new effort might be more of a wide appeal, crowd-pleaser.

If you’re a comic fan of any level, you know that name. Liefeld has created some of the best-loved superheroes of the 90s, and maintains an all-out action art style that still hits the mark today. His stuff is over the top, stylized, and just plain fun.

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And now, he’s bringing fans his own take on Joe. More specifically, the Joe’s ninja-commando, Snake-Eyes.

From the press release:

G.I. JOE is a storied franchise that has entertained fans across multiple generations! It was my first toy, and my passion for these characters and this world has run deep since I was a young boy consumed with all things ‘Joe’,” says Liefeld. “The opportunity to write and draw Snake Eyes, and adding all-new characters, challenges, and consequences to the pantheon of G.I. JOE has been the highlight of my career to date! I’m thrilled to release SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME #1 into the world courtesy of Hasbro and IDW! The support from fans has been incredible!”

Snake Eyes has long been the most mysterious member of the G.I. JOE team, but within the pages of DEADGAME, he’ll finally be forced to play his hand! How long can he keep his past classified… and what deadly secrets will come back to haunt him?

“Rob Liefeld and Snake Eyes were destined to come together,” says John Barber, IDW’s Editor-in-Chief. “We could not be more excited to have one of comics’ all-time most iconic artists take a stab — pun very much intended — at telling a tale of one of the world’s most iconic characters.”

“Rob Liefeld’s unique take on the G.I. JOE franchise is truly the very definition of ‘event comics,’ guaranteed to generate fan excitement and attract lots of foot traffic to comic shops,” says Chris Ryall, IDW’s President, Publisher, and CCO. “We are extremely grateful for our retail and convention partners who have recognized SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME as one of Summer 2020’s biggest titles and supported this launch so enthusiastically.”


All that and three dozen covers too

Yes, three dozen covers. That’s how many alternatives you’ll have to pick from with Snake-Eyes: Deadgame #1. Not that you’ll be able to find all of them at your local comics shop.

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The book will stock 36 covers, but they will be a mix of convention and retailer exclusives. So if you are a Joe mega-fan and you want all of them, you’ll likely be heading to eBay.

Some are callbacks to classic covers, 9 of them feature Liefeld’s art, and one even has the official original toy art, right from the blister card.

You can check al of them out in the images below, and then get ready, the Deadgame begins on July 15th.

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