Skater XL drops back in for new trailer

Skate sim Skater XL has a brand new trailer to check out, showing off its Mini Ramp map, as well as a look at possible board customizations.


There’s been a lot of skating in the news recently, but try not to forget about Skater XL. On track for a console and PC release for a while now, Easy Day Studios’ baby is looking sharp, and has a fresh trailer showing off some new features.

Skater XL holds a possible big edge over the competition too, in the form of its physics-based gameplay. It also focuses on something that the developer calls “community skate subculture”.

What’s that? Well included in the latest up date to the Early Access version of the game (out now on Steam) is And it’s there that you’ll find “transition grinds that gives players a new way to hit the coping, a miniramp test map, and new board customizations to personalize their decks, trucks, wheels, and griptape.”

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With today’s Early Access update, all of the previous improvements from the update have been moved over to the “public version” of the game. That includes “powerslides, revert mechanics, new mocapped animations, remastered sound effects and the ability to adjust the length of replay clips.”

As for the final retail release, that’s coming up fast. Skater XL goes up for digital sale on the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC on July 7th. Looking for a physical, boxed copy? That’s coming on the 7th too, though only for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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